ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. (WCBD) – The cost of seafood is going up around the globe, and Lowcountry restaurants say they are feeling the impact.

Charles Arena, executive chef and co-owner of ACME Lowcountry Kitchen on the Isle of Palms, says crab meat alone has more than doubled in price, going from $9 per pound to between $18 and $20.

Dr. Arnold Hite, an economics professor at Charleston Southern University, says Arena is right.

“Crab meat would be the golden child of the food chain in terms of the inflation,” Dr. Hite said. “I don’t know of single example that’s worse than that.”

Arena says this is just the latest blow to the restaurant industry.

“Labor is higher, there’s only so much you can charge for a dish,” says Arena.

Despite being on the coast, restaurants like ACME are being forced to remove popular seafood dishes from their menus because to make a profit, they would have to charge far more than Arena believes customers are willing to pay. “It just doesn’t make sense… it really cuts into our profits,” Arena says.

“When we have to raise menu prices in order to keep staff, in order to keep the restaurant going, we’re not doing it to try to become rich,” says Arena. “We’re doing it to be sustained.”