CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Over 7,000 miles separate the Lowcountry and Doha, Qatar, but a handful of soccer fans from Charleston took the trip for an experience of a lifetime.

Blake and Bennett Easterling’s Father and Son Journey

Blake Easterling has had an obsession with the FIFA World Cup since 2014 when he travelled to Brazil for the biggest sporting event in the world.

“I was in Brazil for the U.S. versus Ghana and the Mexico versus Cameroon games back in 2014,” said Blake Easterling. “I knew I was going to go back. It was just a matter of the U.S. qualifying. I was going to support them.”

His love for the game spread to his son, Bennett. The two love to watch soccer together, but had never taken in a match at the World Cup until this year.

“It’s really about inspiring him and continuing to fuel his passion,” said Blake Easterling.

“That was my favorite part; watching the games and having time with my Dad,” said Bennett Easterling.

Blake and Bennet took in several matches, stayed on a cruise ship docked in Doha, spent days wandering around local markets and a enjoyed a day trip to the desert.

Their favorite soccer moment was during the United States Men’s National Team match versus Iran.

“(Christian) Pulisic when he scored against Iran; that was when I kind of thought we would win,” said Bennett.

“It was incredible to see that even though we had a lot of game time left I kind of felt in my heart like that was the moment,” said Blake.

Charleston Battery Head Coach Ben Pirmann says that it’s encouraging to see people from the Lowcountry enjoy soccer enough to travel to a World Cup.

“People are waking up at four in the morning here stateside and people are flying half-way across the world spending their hard-earned money. I think that it just shows that our sport is so unique,” said Pirmann.

After living out a dream trip for a soccer fan, Bennett says that he’s going to work hard to play in a World Cup one day.

“I’m just going to train and play soccer with my friends,” said Bennett.

Christian Bueno’s Quality Time with his Mother

A trip to Mexico was needed for Christian Rodriguez Bueno before heading off to Qatar.

“I went with my mom. My mom lives in Mexico. I had to go to Mexico, pick her up, take a flight to Miami, take another flight to New York then from New York to Doha. It was like a 28 hour flight,” said Bueno.

Once Bueno and his mother touched down, soccer and more was on their itinerary.

“I tried to visit all the museums in Qatar,” said Bueno. “There are a lot of parks. I would say that the city is probably split into six neighborhoods. Every single neighborhood has a skyscraper or something to visit.”

The atmosphere at the many games the two watched was passionate from foreign fans, but was lacking from the Qatari supporters.

“Probably 93 percent of the Qatari population is from the outside of the country. There was really not a true soccer presence in Qatar itself,” said Bueno. “All the football presence was from other countries like Argentina, Mexico and the United States.”

Bueno and his mother went to all the group stage matches for Mexico. But, at the U.S. versus England match Bueno was wearing a Charleston Battery jersey when he ran into two local fans, Blake and Bennett Easterling, and took a photo.

The atmosphere was great throughout the visit for Bueno and his mother.

“This is the first time that (the World Cup) happened in one city. A lot of people were able to see 15 games or 12 games. The feeling of soccer from fans was great. Everyone was really excited,” said Bueno.

Russell Watt’s Trip and Costume of a Lifetime

What started at a United States versus Wales watch party in Mount Pleasant turned into a social media sensation.

Russell Watts chose to dress up as former president Abraham Lincoln while in the Lowcountry and at matches in Qatar. After the first few days of the tournament Watts left for Doha and received plenty of publicity during the U.S. versus England match.

“England fans were coming over. All the neutral fans were coming over. It was like being a celebrity. Once one person would start to take a picture then a line would develop. I ended up taking probably hundreds of pictures,” said Watts.

After awhile dressed as the 16th president he took to social media to see if any of the pictures had made the rounds on popular pages.

“I went on Instagram and found pictures from different events of me which was fun to see,” said Watts.

With or without his costume of choice, Watts says he met people from many different countries.

“It’s been incredible. One my favorite things about looking back at the experience was how many different people from all over the world that we met. Whether it was Saudis, Australians, people from Argentina and England,” said Watts.