Lowcountry to be educated on crossing the road safely, fatality statistics

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Lowcountry police are working to lower the high number of road deaths between pedestrians and bicyclists.

This recent report by the “Governors Highway Safety Association”, a non-profit, ranked South Carolina sixth in the United States for pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 people.

More than 900 have died on South Carolina roads and highways in the past six years.

But, these deaths are preventable.

North Charleston police has plans for an safety and education campaign. Spencer Pryor confirms the Traffic Enforcement Unit will stop anyone they see improperly crossing a roadway, speak to and educate them on the right way to cross.

“Charleston Moves” is another group pushing for safer roadways. Katie Zimmerman, the groups Executive Director tells News 2 “we advocate for safe and connected infrastructure for people on bikes, foot and public transit.”

She told us these are their top priorities this year:

  • A bicycle and pedestrian bridge across the Ashley River
  • Retrofitting the North Bridge to Cosgrove Avenue for safe walking and biking
  • Assessing the James Island Connector and Wappoo Cut Bridge for safe bike/pedestrian access
  • Pushing for intersection and street improvement projects throughout Charleston County for roadways to be safe for all users

Zimmerman goes on to say “The best way to protect the lives of citizens is to design accessible and safe streets. No one should have to risk their life just to get to work, run errands, or take their children to school. We are losing family members, friends, and neighbors because our region has not prioritized streets for people, and have instead prioritized designs to move cars as quickly as possible. That is unacceptable and short-sighted.”

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