NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A group of volunteers in the Lowcountry are raising money and collecting donations for people in Ukraine.  

On Wednesday, the group met at the Charleston International Airport to send eight bags full of supplies to Eastern Europe. The items included flashlights, batteries, meals, first aid kits, clothes and toys.

“Now, there are more refugees in Poland, who are coming from the eastern areas of Ukraine towards the western side of Ukraine. So, they’re asking for toys and entertainment things for kids,” said Kenneth Marolda, the Treasurer & Co-founder of West Ashley Connects.

Since the war broke out in February, Euro Foods and the nonprofit, West Ashley Connects have been working together to raise money and collect donations for Ukrainians.

Every few weeks, someone from the group makes the journey to Poland to transport the items to refugee centers. From there, they are delivered to Ukraine.

Volunteer Stephen Smith travelled to Poland on Tuesday, marking the second time he has been there for the cause.

“It started with the pro-Ukraine rally in downtown Charleston a couple of months ago and once I was given the opportunity, I said I can’t walk away from this,” said Smith. “It’s the best thing I could be doing.”

To donate or get involved, click here.