MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Mount Pleasant leaders said they plan to explore ways to crack down on hate crimes on the local level after another round of antisemitic flyers were distributed throughout the town this week.

April Darcy lives in the Brickyard Plantation neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. She said she was returning home late Tuesday afternoon when she noticed a packet in her driveway.

“Thought nothing of it, picked it up. As I’m walking towards the house, I see this antisemitic language and symbols. I mean you could recognize them right away,” Darcy told News 2.

Many of her neighbors made the same discovery. Inside the plastic bags are flyers with antisemitic messages, vulgar images, and pellets.

News 2 has learned people living in Bees Crossing and RiverTowne also received the flyers. This is in addition to several other neighborhoods last month.

“It disgusts me, it really disgusts me. Whether it be here, I don’t care what neighborhood it’s in. There’s no place anywhere for this kind of hate and lies and garbage,” Darcy said.

Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie said the Mount Pleasant Police Department is working with state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the flyers, however the penalty could be minor.

“It appears that all anybody who’s done this would be guilty of is littering or violating our leaflets ordinance, when in fact they have robbed people of their sense of security in their own home at their own property,” explained the mayor.

Mayor Haynie said he and other leaders will discuss the potential for a town hate crimes ordinance at the Police, Judicial, and Legal Committee meeting in November, to better address situations like this one.

“We’re going to look at this and we’re going to be very cognizant of constitutional issues, overarching state laws and things like that. But we want to see, is there something we can do about this in our town? You’re free to go say that in the public if you want, but putting it on other people’s property to me, crosses the line,” Mayor Haynie told News 2.

According to Mayor Haynie, the flyers are still under investigation. He said he personally believes they were distributed by someone from out of town. The City of Charleston has its own hate crime law which officials said allows for the maximum municipal penalty of a $1087 fine and/or 30 days in jail.