MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie is laying out his goals for the town in 2022 while reflecting on 2021 in his Annual State of the Town Address released on Tuesday. Mayor Haynie belives 2021 was a year of returning to normalcy and says the town was able to accomplish things like the Crab Bank restoration project.

Mayor Haynie says there’s more work to be done in 2022 including addressing the needs for affordable housing in the one of the fastest growing municipalities in South Carolina.

“The voters of Mount Pleasant have been very clear that managing our growth and protecting our livability and quality of life is their number one priority,” says Mayor Haynie.

Other accomplishments in 2021, raising pay for first responders and putting a cap on growth town wide. The town was also able to complete road infrastructure projects along Long Point Road and Billy Swails Boulevard. Mayor Haynie says the growing population means the town has to find more ways to ease traffic.

“To take a look at the way lanes are striped and the sequencing of our traffic lights and those type of things,” says Mayor Haynie.

In addition to road and transportation work, Mayor Haynie is hopeful major road projects like the I-526 expansion and Highway 41 improvement plan will become more than just visions in 2022.

“Working with the county to get Highway 41 fixed, finishing our transportation improvements, fixing drainage, this will be a year of getting those things done,” says Mayor Haynie.

Another issue facing the town carrying over to 2022, striking a balance when it comes to noise levels.

“We are not going to outlaw outdoor music at venues, that’s too much a part of our way of life,” says Mayor Haynie. “We’re going to get it at a level that works for the venues but also works for our residents.”

At the top of the list for things to address in 2022, addressing affordable housing, working on resiliency and livability, supporting the town’s artisans and managing growth for a better Mount Pleasant.

“We cling together, we stick together and we’re going to have this vision for our town going forward together,” says Mayor Haynie.

Mayor Haynie’s 2021 State of the Town Address can be viewed here.