Mt. Pleasant Town Council approves 180-day moratorium on apartment developments


CHARLESTON, SC – Tonight Mount Pleasant Town Council approved a 180 day moratorium on new apartments and multi-family developments.

For the next 6 months, apartment developers won’t be able to submit or have their building permits approved in the town.

With about 2,200 apartments currently under construction and previously approved, many people are worried there are too many, too fast.

Tuesday night, Councilmen Paul Garwych and Gary Santos were absent.

But that didn’t stop 4 of 7 council members who voted to approve a moratorium on new multi-family developments.

Mark Smith voted against the moratorium but said, “There’s got to be a delicate balance as we continue to deal with the significant amount of people that continue to move into the Charleston area.”

The town won’t accept any new applications for apartments.

Mount Pleasant residents like Jane Crowley attended Tuesday’s meeting and supported council’s moratorium decision. “They just keep building and building and the buildings are taller and taller. The traffic is just becoming unbearable.”

Councilman Joe Bustos, who proposed the moratorium, Will Haynie, Jim Ownes and Bob Brimmer voted to approve the moratorium. Mayor Linda Page, Mark smith and Elton Carrier voted against it.

Mayor Page told News 2, “As we continue to talk about affordable and attainable housing, we need to talk about these multi-family units and what that may mean to people who may not be able to purchase a home.”

Also on the agenda tonight, council was up to consider amending or creating new ordinances concerning building height, accessory dwelling units, and short term rentals. However, council decided to defer this agenda item to next month so there can be a full vote.

“None of those items came to the council meeting tonight with a recommendation,” explained Smith.

Council voted to approve the removal of the three foot setback allowance for accessory structures.

Council voted down the consideration to hold the Coleman/Ben Sawyer Boulevard overlay district in abeyance until traffic and density issues are addressed.

Council unanimously approved a fish market at the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market.

Council members say they want to help local Mount Pleasant fisherman sell their catch.

Council unanimously approved the idea and say Shem Creek fisherman will be able to apply for a permit to sell their fish on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Clear details about the fish market are not yet available but officials believe the market will be seasonal and say they’ll have more information on their website as details are figured out.

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