CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) wrapped up its Global Health Week Friday by celebrating several cultures, and bringing the world to MUSC, with the first International Bazaar since 2019.

MUSC is showcasing the diversity of its campus through celebration.

“Every year,” Joseph Karam, president of MUSC’s International Student Association (ISA), said, “ISA and the Center for Global Health, we host the International Bazaar, which is kind of a celebration at MUSC that allows us to share the cultures that are on campus.”

It’s the fifteenth year of the bazaar, but the event is being held for the first time in three years because of COVID cancellations.

“Really it’s one of the first large events on campus that has happened since COVID,” Karam said. “COVID has subsided a little bit and so, we’re just really happy for this opportunity.”

Rebeca Mueller, with the MUSC Center for Global Health, says MUSC has kept a close eye on COVID case numbers, and with the recent dip in cases, the institution gave the okay to host Friday’s event.

“We’ve been able to meet with one another outdoors,” Mueller said. “But they weren’t really encouraging larger events. And of course, socially distancing. So, this really is again, like the first time we’ve been able to be together without mask on and enjoy each other’s company.”

T&T Kettle Korn owner Thomas Miller says he’s been selling at the bazaar for fifteen years, so he’s glad to see it back.

“It feels like somebody just untied something from around your feet or whatever,” Miller said. “It was pretty rough for a couple years for us doing kettle corn, because every place closed down.”

The ISA says the bazaar shows just how important and impactful diversity can be.

“This event is a great example of how beautiful diversity is and how really this world should just rely on peace,” former ISA president Nour Hijazi said “Everyone should be in love and harmony and peace with each other because that brings so much beauty and just wonders in the world.”

Organizers say they’re already looking forward to the International Bazaar for next year.