11-year-old accused of putting needles in Halloween candy

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SALISBURY, N.C. – An 11-year-old in North Carolina is facing charges after needles were found in Halloween candy.

The sheriff’s office says the child is now going through a mental evaluation before court proceedings even begin. 

“Oh, I was freaked out. I was freaked out,” said Howard Peacock, father of the victim.

Howard says a detective showed him a video that explains in detail how to tamper with candy bars.

“I’m not going to say what app it was, but it was showing how to put the pin in the little Snickers bar,” he said.

He believes that’s how an 11-year-old child was able to insert needles into a chocolate bar his son got on Halloween night.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “That kids would be able to pull this up and see stuff like that.”

The dad told us he took his children trick-or-treating in the Grace Ridge Subdivision near Salisbury, NC.

His 12-year-old son got this needle stuck to the roof of his mouth when he took a bite.

“My son is doing well. I want to see this little boy get better,” he said.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office says the needles were placed in the candy bars in such a way that it would be very difficult to detect. 

“My child wasn’t the only one who got pins in their candy,” said Howard.

A second family also reported finding a needle in a Snickers bar a day later.

That 11-year-old is facing felony charges through juvenile court.  

“We forgive that boy for doing what he done and I hope he gets all the help the good Lord can give him,” said Howard.

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