CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Don’t always believe what an app tells you.

A technical glitch directed people mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II to get in line here in Charlotte.

The app made smartphones look pretty dumb.

This may shock you, but the queue for the queen is nowhere near the Queen City. 

But a snafu involving the app ‘what3words’ pointed people our way. 

For a short time, it misguided folks to the end of the sometimes four-mile line, to a site four thousand miles away.

Besides being in the wrong country, the site is the Charlotte Royals Rugby Football Club practice field.

“Yikes… they won’t be able to mourn the Queen in person,” quipped Anne Cullen of Myers Park.

“Pretty funny, we’re out for our lunchtime walk, and somehow we ended up in line for the Queen,” said Amanda Aneralla, who was walking her dog along Queens Ave.

At least we know the mistake didn’t cause a scrum.

“Well, they should have directed them to The Buttercup,” says Kim Gordon.

She owns The Buttercup in Myers Park Center, which has a section in honor of the queen, from books to coffee mugs.

Gordon has a keen sense of what the world has lost.

“She’s a treasure; we don’t know when we’ll have another queen,” Gordon said, on the verge of tears. “And for her to have lived for 96 years, she was called for a time and a place… Yeah, she was an incredible lady.”

She and her husband took a memorable trip to London five years ago.

“And was just at Buckingham Palace hoping to see something and got a glimpse of her in her car.”

The video she captured with her phone documents Gordon’s quick glimpse of royalty as a lifetime memory.

The queue for the queen is far removed from a Charlotte rugby field. But the app mishap inadvertently showed us you don’t need to go far to feel the loss.

“People just have a love and respect for her,” Gordon said.