GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Every December, we all struggle with the “what should I get him/her”

Don’t worry we got you covered with ways to show your man just how much you appreciate him. These are the best Christmas gifts for him that he will love you all the more for.

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Whiskey Appreciation Crate

This is for the classic man who knows his whiskey. You can’t go wrong with this gift because it’s a gateway to his heart. It will even pair well with his special monogrammed ice cubes because every whiskey connoisseur has them, if not all. So, this is the festive gift for every lady’s man to fall in love with to keep the season merry and bright. Click here for more information.

Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

This gift is for the guy who made it through Movember, also known as “No Shave November.” If you’re team stache and beard, this will be the perfect gift for you and him. This crate kit will keep his beard looking healthy and smelling good. It’s natural for a man to grow a beard but unnatural to let it go unmaintained. Beard Wrangler is handcrafted in the USA with 100% natural organic oils and a satchel of various hippy seeds, Renegade’s premium shampoo, beard oil and beard balm. Click here for more information.

Portable Campfire

Beards and outdoors go together like s’mores and Irish coffee. This next gift is perfect for the outdoorsy kind of man who really enjoys the cold winter nights by the camp fireside. This portable 8-inch portable campfire will spark his nature for sure, and if you’re his main flame, he will enjoy roasting marshmallows with you. Click here for more information.

Genetic Ethnicity Test

If he is a history buff and the type of guy who enjoys discovering new things about himself and others then this is the perfect gift for him. With this DNA test, he’ll find a lot about his heritage and you will too, and maybe come across old photos of his great-great-grandparents. Click here for more information.

Personalized Socks

Get him into these comfy socks with a little custom personalization. You can customize these five-pair sets of Pima™ cotton socks with any phrase of your choice that’s personal comfort like a romantic nickname or a classic monogram with his initials at the ankle and full name across his toes. Click here for more information.

R&C Fragrance Duo

What better gift than one you both can enjoy, a fragrance from the irresistible duo themselves, Russell and Ciara Wilson. This fragrance will remind you and your significant other that you guys are a match made in heaven. This fragrance is also inspired by their love story, where the woods meets the flowers. Click here for more information.

Brewing Coffee Bottle

This bottle was made for brewing coffee, and also made to share a delicious hot or iced coffee either at home or on the road. The only thing he has to do is fill the glass bottle with water and add his favorite coffee grounds to the strainer. Shake it up and that’s it. Click here for more information.

World Tour Jerky Crate

This tasty gift is for the world traveler with an impeccable palate. These bold flavors will certainly spice up his life on another level, and besides, eating the same things every day or week gets boring. For everything, there is a season and this one brings a variety to it. The World Tour crate has a variety of beef jerky flavors from different parts of Asia. Click here for more information.

Men’s Subscription Box

For only $28 a month, your man can get this box that pretty much has all the goodies each month he will enjoy and you’ll love on him. Each box is packed with everything he needs to look polished like a pocket square, dress socks, tie and a watch. The subscription steps are super easy. All you have to do is sign up, select your package and check your mailbox that’s all there is to it. Click here for more information.

Air Fryer Max XL

This gift is for the one who likes to cook and also for the woman who enjoys watching a man chef it up in the kitchen. In minutes, he can create dinner for two with this countertop gadget, a fried Porkchop and sweet potato fries. Click here for more information.