Bodycam footage: Savannah officer-involved shooting

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Body camera video just released to gives new insight into an Savannah police department officer-involved shooting on December 8th, 2018.

Joshua Boyd was shot and killed after he murdered his own girlfriend. A grand jury found the officers were justified in this shooting, and the video helps show why.

A warning, some of this video may be disturbing to some.

In this video above, you can hear what Savannah officers heard from a friend of Boyd’s as he was holed up in an “America’s Best” hotel room. The video shows officers on scene, guns drawn, as Boyd and two others come out of the hotel room.

As the other two crawl away from the area, Boyd is shown trying to get up. As the officers testified, he had a gun in his hand. Police noticed Boyd’s gun and you can hear them asking him to drop it, but it was too late.

This video shows the actual shooting.

Joshua boyd was killed that night. Slow motion video shows the gun in his hand before he was shot. Forensic evidence later showed a bullet was lodged in the barrel of his gun. Boyd’s pistol would never have fired, even if he had pulled the trigger.

The grand jury watched three different police-worn body camera videos and heard testimony from 14 different witnesses. That testimony revealed that Boyd told his friends earlier that he could not do life in prison. He then told the officers standing nearby “shoot me, shoot me”.  

The jurors agreed, even though Boyd’s gun was jammed, the officers could not have known, they feared for their lives, had to protect themselves and were justified in the shooting.

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