Carl’s Jr. testing CBD burger in Denver on 4/20

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Carl’s Jr. is giving new meaning to the phrase “Rocky Mountain high”. Saturday, the fast food chain will cook up a burger with a special sauce made from cannabidiol.

The cheeseburger will only be sold for one day at one location in Denver, Colorado.

The aptly named “Rocky Mountain high: cheeseburger delight” features a sauce infused with CBD oil.

while this particular burger will only be available on april 20th, Carl’s Jr. is testing whether it should become a permanent menu item.

The company says younger customers are interested in trying new flavors, but cautions consumers should not expect any of the possible health benefits of CBD from eating the burger.

Many food and beverage companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon as sales and interest in products made with the hemp derivative skyrocket.

So, why is it being sold on April 20th? 4/20 is a national holiday for cannabis culture. Some say “420” was chosen because it’s the code among police officers for “marijuana”.

And for those of you wondering, the same parent company own Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

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