CORNELIUS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A dog in Cornelius, North Carolina made an extra-special save at Robbins Park Tuesday after several ducklings fell into a drainage pipe.

Charlie is a nine-year-old flat coat retriever whose favorite hobby is… retrieving.

“He’ll do anything you ask him to do. He’ll deliver newspapers when he walks by somebody’s house. Or he’ll carry flowers to somebody if you ask him to do it,” said Charlie’s owner Jorge Serrano.

Whether it’s delivering flowers to neighbors or fetching stray frisbees, Serrano says Charlie is always looking to help. But it’s what he retrieved from a storm drain at Robbins Park, that turned him from a helper to a hero.

“We were just going to go fishing and we saw the mom duck swimming around the storm drain,” said witness Kayla Hunerwadel.

Parkgoers saw multiple baby ducks fall into a drainage hole in the middle of a pond. Rather than call the fire department, Serrano says he knew a guy.

“I just thought, Charlie’s a pretty good guy. Maybe he could go through the pipe and get them,” he said.

And get them, he did. Charlie went in and out of the storm drain and pulled out the ducklings one by one until bystanders could reunite them with their mom.

“It makes me really proud. I’d like to take credit for training him but really, he’s just a smart guy that wants to please. And he’d do it for anybody,” said Serrano.

A day later, Serrano took Charlie back to the scene of his big save. Once again, he went into the storm drain to check for baby ducks.

“I was so happy, and it was extraordinary that that dog could do that,” said Hunerwadel.