Charlotte truckers feel the pinch of pipeline shutdown

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- The trucker shortage is making the Colonial Pipeline hack even worse.

On Wednesday, truck drivers were hours just to fill up their tanks before getting on the road.

All of them pointing the finger at the people who are panicking and filling up with gas when they don’t’ need to.

“That was the correct word, craziness,” said Ken Kiescnowski, a truck driver for thirty-eight years.

Kiescnowski was in line, waiting to fill up his tank, for the driver who will take over during the night shift. He said, he’s trying to help them out because they just aren’t sure what will happen.

“Hurricanes, we sort of have a working knowledge of how things are going to be and how to get things back in order,” said Kiescnowski. “But with this, the only one who knows is upstairs, looking down, shaking His head.”

He said that the people panicking and buying gas they don’t’ need is making it even harder on truck drivers, who’re already pulling long shifts and doing the best they can.

“Everybody hates us during normal times because we’re in the way, everybody loves us because we’re at a gas station,” said Kiescnowski.

He said, if you love them now, do them a favor.

“We’ve got plenty of gas, just let us get it there.”

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