NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – In a matter of months, the current representative of North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, Madison Cawthorn, will be out of office. 

In a new report out this past weekend, the controversy surrounding the freshman congressman may not be over.

The report itself comes from The Daily Beast, which cited unnamed campaign staffers on the spending of the Cawthorn primary campaign and how they reportedly dipped into a fund specifically set aside for the general election.

As a matter of law, those funds are to be kept separate, and general election funds are to be refunded if the candidate loses their primary.

“He’s kind of caught in a tough spot,” said Dr. Eric Heberlig, a political science professor at UNC Charlotte.  “Once you’ve already lost, people are unwilling to give you money, so you can’t repay those campaign debts.”

Heberlig said it is up to the campaign to repay those debts.

This is the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Cawthorn. Before the May primary, there were a series of unforced errors, statements, pictures, and video of him in compromising situations.  Since then, the spotlight on him has remained rather low.

Emily Brooks, a reporter for Nexstar sister publication The Hill, told Queen City News that support for Cawthorn has waned and could lead to issues trying to pay back supporters.

“It definitely poses a huge challenge, and a lot of this will depend on what Madison Cawthorn wants to do in his political future,” she said.

Cawthorn has not commented on The Daily Beast story, and a request for comment from his congressional office went unanswered. 

The Daily Beast story also noted that the campaign is already late in submitting federally-required filings with the Federal Election Commission that could give some insight into the campaign’s financial situation.