CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The pandemic has taken its lately supply chain victim, and this one is hitting bagel lovers right where it hurts… in the schmear.

A cream cheese shortage has left bagel shops in New York scrambling. The effects can be felt all the way in the Charlotte region.

West End Bagels just opened their Indian Land location two months ago. Their other location is in New York, right in the heart of the cream cheese crisis.

“I’ve heard of other bagel shop owners that have run into an issue. Not as much down here, but up in New York where we have another shop,” said West End Bagels owner Chris Naughton.

Thankfully, Naughton’s shelves are stocked with schmear, but that’s because he’s planned ahead. He says he’s recently been ordering more cream cheese than normal from his supplier, just to ensure he is stocked up.

“We have the holidays coming up which is generally our busiest time of year, so I just want to make sure we are prepared for that,” he said.

Meanwhile, some Publix locations have limited the sale of cream cheese products to two per customer. Many have noticed cream cheese supply running low in their local stores.

“There’s a couple parts of production with cream cheese, so it could be anything from packaging, personnel, transportation, or production. If there’s a kink in any one of those areas, it’s going to throw off the production,” said Naughton.

Naughton says he hasn’t had to increase the price of cream cheese just yet, but he says he’s continuing to look at the trends and may have to do so if prices continue to climb.

Meanwhile, famous cheesecake company Junior’s Cheesecakes had to stop production in their New Jersey facility for the second time Thursday, due to the short cream cheese supply. They also had to stop production last Friday.