‘Dateline’ follows international manhunt after woman is mysteriously shot in parking garage

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(NBC) — Tonight on “Dateline,” when pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher is found dead, police uncover a complex plot as the suspect leads investigators on an international manhunt and is placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Tonight’s two-hour episode features Lead Detective Eric Barnes speaking out for the first time, as well as never before seen police interrogation footage. Interviews also include Kendra’s brother Neil Hatcher, Teresa Contreras and more.

Here’s a preview of Keith Morrison’s report:

At the end of a lazy day, as summer shifted into September, and a sinking sun threw long dark shadows across the center of Dallas. A young man named Hashem Saad had just spent the day, his day off, at home in his father’s place, a gleaming apartment building called Gables Park 17.

KEITH MORRISON: That’s a pretty nice building, huh?

HASHEM SAAD: Uh-huh. I would agree with you on that one.

Just then, 10 minutes to sunset, a white Camry made its way into the neighborhood. A young woman at the wheel. She slowed down, turned in at the entrance to her parking garage, Gables Park 17. At precisely the moment Hashem and a friend were riding down the elevator. 

HASHEM SAAD: So we go downstairs. You know, once we get downstairs, we open up the doors.

And Froze. 

HASHEM SAAD: You could hear just screaming.


HASHEM SAAD: Just straight– straight up screaming.

Followed, said Hashem, by the bark of some kind of gun. 

KEITH MORRISON: Was it obvious that was gunshots?

HASHEM SAAD: Yeah, yeah. I knew that, like, right away. Right away. Right, when they did– it was– I was like, “really?” and then, tire screeches.

Adrenaline pumping, Hashem raced for his car pulled out his phone– 911.

911 CALLER HASHEM: Hi. Uh, someone just got shot in the parking lot of the Gables Park 17. All I heard was screaming and then a loud pop and then I saw her laying on the floor.

Watch “Dateline” tonight at 9 p.m. on News 2.

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