(WFLA) – A dog has a special condition requiring her to get extra special treatment at the dinner table.

While we’re used to babies eating dinner in high chairs, you have to admit this is quite a sight.

According to CNN Tink has been eating out of a bailey chair since 9 weeks old. It’s basically a high chair for a dog.

Tink has Megaesophagus which means when she eats, the food and water never makes it all the way to the stomach.

So the chair keeps Tink in an upright position and gravity does the work her esophagus can’t.

Tink eats four times a day and after mealtime, just like a baby, it’s burping time.

And like a baby, it takes a lot of work, a lot of patience and most people just don’t have the time.

“What ends up happening is the animal might be euthanized because the owners can’t handle or can’t dedicate the time and effort it takes or they suffer from it,” Dr. Jeremy Hutchinson said.

Sadly the survival rate is low, but thanks to the Sullivans, Tink has a second chance at life.

The Sullivans say online support groups and tips they get from other owners of dogs with megaesophagus have been the key to help them give tink a second chance.