Doorbell camera shows deer leap over black lab outside Kansas home

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OLATHE, KS (WCBD) – What if your dog could text you? A black lab in Kansas would have quite a story to tell after an unusual experience that was caught on home surveillance camera.

The dog was simply minding its own business when out of nowhere, a deer appeared – racing from the street, leaping over the pup before landing short of the home’s front door.

A homeowner in Olathe, Kansas captured the rare-but-cute moment on their Ring motion sensor doorbell camera.

In the video, you can see the dog enjoying a moment outside when the deer comes sprinting from the street, jumps over the lab who ducks for cover, and lands on the home’s front porch.

The deer is seen wandering around in a panic before turning to run back out towards the street.

Wagging its tail in a slightly confused state, the lab watched the entire incident unfold before continuing about its sniffing duties.

A Ring spokesperson said the camera’s motion sensing technology initiated a recording as soon as the deer appeared on the property and sent a notification to the homeowner’s cellphone.

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