Dr. Avegno Completes 2nd Pfizer COVID Vaccination

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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA– After three weeks, New Orleans Health Department Director, Dr. Jennifer Avegno received her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

After a frustrating first day for many seniors trying to book an appointment throughout the phone, Dr. Avegno is encouraging everyone to be patient. Hospitals are receiving new doses of the vaccine everyday and there will be the opportunity for everyone to be vaccinated. As cases rise in the city many have high hopes in the vaccine.

“We’re not in a good spot in terms of our case incidents. Our percentage of positivity has been going up dramatically, so now is not the time to abandon everything that we’ve done, now is the time to do it even more so, so that everyone can get to the point where I am today,” said Dr. Avegno.

LCMC gets weekly Pfizer and Moderna vaccines through the Operation Warp Speed partnership. LCMC says that hospitals then allocate the vaccines to the pharmacies. Pharmacies are receiving the Moderna vaccine in greater numbers because of the lack of the need for refrigeration, while the hospitals are using the Pfizer vaccine. 106 pharmacies around the state have vaccine, while 12 are still awaiting vaccine.

Dr. Avegno says the high demand shown in the vaccine shortage might actually be a good indicator saying, “what I am really excited about is that the demand far exceeded the supply. Our seniors understand the risk they are at and that this is the way for us to have a normal life.”

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