El Paso Walmart victim Chris Grant responds to claims he made up story

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – One of the victims of the Walmart mass shooting is responding to recent media reports that the story he told a CNN anchor wasn’t entirely accurate.

Chris Grant was one of the 25 victims who was shot during the Aug. 3 shooting at the El Paso Walmart and lived. He was interviewed in the days following the tragedy and told CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo details of the shooting.

In the interview, Grant describes throwing bottles at the Walmart shooter in an effort to deter him.

“I started throwing random bottles at him,” Grant said during his interview with CNN. “I’m not a baseball player, so one went this way, one went that way.”

Last week, Grant was among the victims who were to be honored by President Donald Trump, but he was detained, according to media reports, by the Secret Service for an outstanding warrant. The Secret Service told KTSM they detained one guest but would not release the name.

“On Monday, Sept. 9, 2019, a White House visitor with an arrest warrant was temporarily detained by U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers,” a statement read. “It was subsequently determined that while the arrest warrant was still active, the agency that issued the warrant would not extradite, at which time the individual was released from Secret Service custody.”

An El Paso Police spokesman also told media outlets Grant’s “statements were inconsistent with what was revealed on video.”

It is unclear what Grant was doing during the Walmart massacre, but police do not dispute that he was injured in the attack, which killed 22 El Pasoans and wounded two dozen others.

On Monday, a statement was released by a local public relations firm on behalf of Grant.

Chris Grant, like many other men, women and children who were shot, injured or killed, is a victim in the El Paso Wal-Mart mass shooting that occurred on August 3, 2019. Mr. Grant’s story was brought to light by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, but all 22 dead, and dozens of others shot and injured, are heroes in this tragedy. Mr. Grant did not seek any publicity following the shooting and repeatedly told Chris Cuomo and others that he is not a hero. Rather, Mr. Grant stated and continues to contend, that he acted like any other person would have done under those difficult circumstances. The events of August 3, 2019 were unspeakably horrible for all who were present. Many, if not all the survivors, have suffered severe post-traumatic stress. It is irresponsible and inappropriate to publicly shame him after everything he’s been through and when his well-being, both physical and mental, should be the only priority at the moment.

Mr. Grant stands by his statements and his recollections he made to police, to Chris Cuomo and others following the shooting. Mr. Grant was critically shot and almost bled out and died inside the Wal-Mart were it not for his determination to survive and the help of CBP officer Donna Sifford and others to help Mr. Grant escape Wal-Mart and be rushed to the hospital in a private vehicle in the midst of a scene of utter chaos and confusion. Mr. Grant underwent emergency surgery and endured a lengthy hospital stay. He is still recovering from his physical injuries. Mr. Grant’s recollections of the events of August 3, 2019 are genuine. Neither Mr. Grant nor anyone outside of law enforcement has had an opportunity to examine the surveillance video. Nonetheless, a surveillance video cannot begin to capture the entire story of Mr. Grant and others’ plights as the mass shooter rampaged inside Wal-Mart. The unprofessional and inaccurate statements being made have only heightened Mr. Grant’s suffering. Neither he nor any of the victims or their families deserve to be put through any additional and completely unnecessary mental strain or anguish at this time.

Mr. Grant did not ask to become a victim in the tragedy that befell him and his community. Mr. Grant is taking the time he needs to fully heal from the physical and mental injuries that he suffered in this traumatic event. Mr. Grant is hopeful he becomes part of the process to see that an event like this never occurs again in El Paso, or anywhere else.

Statement on behalf of Chris Grant

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