(NBC News) — Friday on “Dateline,” new details in the case of former New York City police officer Valerie Cincinelli, who was accused of an alleged murder-for-hire plot targeting her husband, Isaiah Carvalho.

Here is a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

If anyone understood the urgency of a police investigation it was Valerie Cincinelli.

VALERIE: This just like doesn’t feel real right now to me. I’m sorry, like, I can’t really believe this.

DETECTIVE #1: I understand.

VALERIE: Like, I’m a f***ing cop, like I can’t believe this.

DETECTIVE #1: You are a cop?


DETECTIVE #1: Where? In the city?


Valerie was a decorated, 12-year veteran of the New York City Police Department.

VALERIE: I’m trying to help you as like a cop and I —

DETECTIVE #1: Valerie, I don’t need you to be a cop right now, OK? You can be a wife and a mother, OK? But I do need you to try and answer some of these questions, you don’t know of anybody that would wanna harm him? Anyone wanna hurt your husband?

VALERIE: I don’t, no.

As the questioning continued, Valerie — understandably — seemed to have a hard time accepting that Isaiah was dead.

VALERIE: Are you, like, sure like he’s not at the hospital or something, like what do you mean?

DETECTIVE #1: Ma’am, Valerie, you know we wouldn’t show up and knock on anyone’s door without being a hundred percent, OK? Crime scene’s there, the medical examiner is there.

The crime scene was 50 miles away, in a marina parking lot near Shirley, New York. An isolated spot on the coast of Long Island hugging the Atlantic Ocean, where law enforcement took a grim photo of Isaiah. It appeared he’d been shot as he was trying to get out of his car.

Back at Valerie’s house, the detectives’ job was complete.

JOHN DIRUBBA: Then they got all the information, things like that from her. And — they says, “All right, we’ll be in touch,” and they left.

There was something else left behind — secrets. So many secrets. But they’d all eventually spill out — don’t they always?

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