DALLAS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Lyrick Chastain is back doing something he loves, feeding his animals.

His arm was bandaged from an accident two days ago. The seven-year-old was excited to celebrate the 4th of July, and his father set off some rockets a day early at their home in Dallas.

“I lit it, I think three or four of them; it happened so fast,” said Jeff Eubanks. “Three or four of them took off, and a couple of them did a beeline in the opposite direction.”

“In my head, I was thinking, ‘oh no, it’s coming right towards my face,'” said Lyrik Chastain. “I need to like block it or something. So I put my hand up, and it got my hand really good.”

Not only did it Lyrik’s hand, but the explosive also split his arm open, and his shirt caught fire, causing burns to his stomach and back

“It hurt so bad right when it happened,” added Chastain. “I was laying on the ground like a little egg; I was cracked.”

Firefighters were less than a mile away and rendered aid, but Lyrik had to be transported to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital’s burn unit.

“I felt like I made a bad decision,” said Eubanks. “It just ate me up to see him hurting like that.

Lyrik is expected to make a full recovery. His mom credits her son’s karate training for the quick thinking to block the firework.

The firefighters who answered the call came back to give Lyrik $1,000 to help with visits to the doctor. Money that comes from the Firefighters Burned Children’s Fund.

The family says they’ve blessed the accident wasn’t worse.

“I don’t want to get like kind of close to them or anything,” said Lyrik. “I will see them from really far away but not light them.”