‘It smells like death.’ Unpleasant smell returns to Huntersville neighborhood

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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Neighbors in Huntersville woke up to an unpleasant stench that smelled like rotten eggs Friday morning.

FOX 46 investigated and found out according to Mecklenburg County, the source of the smell was reported to be coming from a landfill, which has received notices from the county in the past.

A neighbor tells FOX 46 she called the private landfill, Greenway Waste Solutions North Meck, and the person who answered the phone confirmed that the smell is coming from landfill.

FOX 46 stopped by the guard shack and a worker, also told us the stench is coming from the landfill and they are working to fix it.

“Oh, it smelled like rotten eggs,” said Lisa Simonsen, who lives in the nearby neighborhood of Vermillion.

Simonsen says she’s never smelled a stench quite like it in her neighborhood.

Mecklenburg County says they got a complaint Friday morning. The person reported the rotten egg odor coming from Greenway Waste Solutions in Huntersville.

An environmental specialist from the county went out to investigate and confirmed the odor control system at the landfill malfunctioned and crews were fixing it. The county tells FOX 46 the landfill shut down process equipment to cut down on the stench, while the system is being repaired.

“It seems to be better now, but it was really bad for two to three hours,” said Simonsen.

Mecklenburg County says they also got odor complaints about the landfill in 2018 and 2019, and Mecklenburg County Air Quality issued a Notice of Objectionable Odor to the landfill in October 2018 and March 2019.

Gene Bruchok, a neighbor, didn’t smell anything on Friday, but he says the stench he’s smelled in the past is horrendous.

“Death it smells like death, like rotten carcasses, when you’re hunting and you come across, say a deer or some type of game, that’s decaying, it has that smell, it’s very putrid,” said Bruchok.

Another neighbor in the Vermillion neighborhood says that putrid, horrid smell is really nothing new. He’s been living there for three years, and he’s been smelling it off and on the whole time.

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