Kentucky Candidate Fights For “Trump!” Nickname

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(WAVE/NBC News) A former CIA officer and member of the Secret Service who’s now running for Kentucky Secretary of State claims his nickname was intentionally removed from his candidate filings.

Carl “Trump” Nett issued a statement Monday to media across the state, and also tweeted the statement, claiming that until Thursday, his full name “appeared on the Secretary of State’s website, under candidate filings, as Carl ‘Trump’ Nett.

On Friday, “with only an intervening weekend before the Monday certification of names on the ballot to the county clerks, Mr. Nett learned from the Twitter feed of a local reporter, Joe Sonka, that he had apparently withdrawn his nickname from the ballot. 

Mr. Nett says he made no such withdrawal request.

“My legitimate, bona fide nickname is Trump,” Nett said. “Because of my early support of candidate Trump.”

Michael Adams, one of three others battling Nett for the Republican nomination, notes that “state law explicitly prohibits adopting a nickname to gain an advantage on the ballot.” Adams, who has a law degree from Harvard, once served on the state Board of Elections.

Adams also said that when Nett ran unsuccessfully against Rep. Jim Wayne several years ago, Nett’s nickname was not Trump.

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