SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A federal lawsuit filed Thursday against Rockstar Cheer, Rockstar owners Scott and Kathy Foster, Varsity Spirit, the U.S. All Star Federation, and others alleges a criminal conspiracy to subject teenage athletes to mental, physical, and sexual abuse while collecting billions in profits.

In a 44-page filing from the Strom Law Firm, the suit accuses coaches at Rockstar Cheer, including Scott Foster, of providing drugs and alcohol to the underage athletes and subjecting them to sexual abuse.

The lawsuit goes into detail about allegations by multiple victims.

One victim was pressured into exchanging explicit photos with Scott Foster and later engaging in sexual acts with him between the ages of 15 and 16, the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit also alleged that another victim was pressured into exchanging nude photographs with two coaches working for Scott Foster.

In the lawsuit, Scott and Kathy Foster are accused of purchasing a house, funded in part through rebates and cash they received from fees paid to Varsity by athletes, to host parties where drugs and alcohol were given to minors.

“This was a factory of abuse designed specifically to generate two things: a constant supply of underage victims for Scott Foster and his fellow predators and a billion dollar revenue stream to Varsity Spirit, USASF and Bain Capital,” said attorney Bakari Sellers. “Instead of protecting these young men and women, they victimized them and cashed their checks.”

The lawsuit also alleged that the defendants failed to report criminal activities to law enforcement and covered up reports and complaints about the illegal activity.

The filing also accuses the defendants of negligence, fraud, breach of contract.

The law firm said in a statement that additional lawsuits will be coming which will include more victims and gyms in various locations around the country.

Numerous allegations have come to light following the death of Scott Foster.

Foster, 49, was found dead inside a vehicle at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville County on August 22.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office ruled Foster’s death as suicide.

The attorneys in the case said state and federal agencies have opened investigations into Rockstar Cheer. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said it could not confirm if it was investigating the allegations.

A separate lawsuit was filed Wednesday against Scott Foster, Rockstar Cheer, Varsity Spirit, and others.

That lawsuit was filed on behalf of an alleged victim and her mother and father, who live in Greenville County, attorneys said.