Loose Leash: Pet-friendly companies and offices look to attract new hires

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – No matter where you are in Charlotte, there’s one thing in common. Construction.

The business is booming and it’s been hard for industry folks to keep up.

“It costs a lot of money to bring on a new employee, to train them. Rather than just an expense, we look at it as an investment. When you have an investment, you want to protect that investment and you want to grow that investment,” said Dale Fite, the CEO of Tyler 2 Construction.

But finding the right people and making them stay is not so far-fetched when you create room to work and play. “Well, it’s all about the dogs,” laughed Dale.

From Elphie.

“She’s a mess, she always wants to be rubbed,” said owner, Katie Tyler.

To Carson.

“Say hi Carson, aw it’s nap time,” said owner, Angela.

To Moose.

“He just turned 3 in May,” said owner Jay.

And Mac.

“He’s very food motivated,” laughed owner, Tobin.

Every day is ‘bring your dog to work day’ at Tyler 2 Construction. It’s not just the canines that have ‘dog tags.’

“I’m ‘Watch Dog.’ It’s on my little placard over there,” smiled Dale.

“Project manager and guide dog,” said Tobin.

“Guard dog. It kind of goes with the controller position,” said Angela.

“I’m the big dog,” laughed Katie. “Not as big as I used to be, but that’s how it started out.”

If you wonder if a dog really makes a difference, ask Katie. She founded the company back in the 80s before selling it to Dale a few years ago.

“I have some employees that have been with me for 29 years. I mean, it’s a different environment,” said Katie.

Sometimes the difference can be a treat and maybe it’s okay if the business starts going to the dogs.

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