Man accused of trespassing, bringing gun to polling site says he ‘felt intimidated’

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A local man is trying to clear his name after he was arrested and charged for trespassing on Election Day outside a Charlotte polling site.

Justin Dunn says he had just voted when he was asked to leave.

“After I left, I called the board of elections and spoke to Mike Crutch. Mike Crutch informed me I was within my legal rights to stay there like anyone else campaigning there,” Dunn told FOX 46.  

He returned to the precinct shortly after the conversation, pulling up a chair to sit near the precinct.

At the same time he was legally and openly carrying a gun. He claims he never tried to intimidate anyone on the premises.

When asked if he thought voters may have felt uncomfortable seeing him at the polling site with a gun, Dunn said he was the one who really felt scared.

“I can’t speak as to what other people felt, but I felt intimated there. There were multiple undercover security people is what I felt.”

According to Dunn, the whole situation is a misunderstanding and he was never banned from the premises despite what has been circulating.

“No one ever said I was banned. The police never spoke to me about a ban. I never heard those words at all,” he said.

Even though we were able to speak with Dunn, police are still looking for him for trespassing again. Witnesses told police he came back to the precinct last night after being let go from jail, but left before officers arrived.

“Are you going to turn yourself in to talk to them?” FOX 46’s Lanaya Lewis asked Dunn.

“I have no comment to that. I’m waiting on legal representation.”


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