Montour County hit hard by storms

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DANVILLE, MONTOUR COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Fast and furious, that’s how some storms hit the area today and left a trail of damage. High velocity in a short time—that’s what many are recovering from here in Montour County.

“It only lasted 15 minutes. With the mountains I feel like things come through, sit for a minute and go,” said Emily Ireland, a Geisinger nurse in Danville.

It came, it wreaked havoc and left—a severe storm that pounded several local counties. Some in Montour County are still dealing with the fallout and recounting close calls.

“So a bunch of the night shift nurses went out for breakfast this morning and the sun was out. It got super dark and all of a sudden the wind came through. We were driving home and as I was driving up Poplar Avenue the tree behind us fell,” said Ireland.

Streetlights being run by small generators and many in the area—blank. At one point, PPL was reporting more than 1,500 homes and businesses without power.

Emily Ireland? One of the lucky ones.

“We still have power but they lost power at Perkins when we were sitting in there, for a couple of minutes. So it definitely went out and the lights were out down here for a little while.”

Just up the road here at Geisinger Medical Center Danville, they were not impervious to the storm damage but made sure to stay operational.

“Some water came through the entrances and stopped there so in less than a half an hour we had it cleaned up. No patient care was affected by that,” said Joseph Stender, media relations specialist for Geisinger. “It was just heavy rain and luckily we were able to get it cleaned up.”

Quick responses from hospital staff as well as local utility and municipal officials. All said and done, it could have been worse, but this was not your average Danville storm.

“This is the first time I’ve had trees fall since I’ve been here and I’ve been living here for two years now, so…” said Ireland.

Again, the most important part of things here, with all of the damage to the area—no stop in care for those in the hospital and coming into the emergency room.

A few miles away, a screen was destroyed at the Point Drive In theater.

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