ASHEVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – This weekend, Team USA and the Ukraine national tennis team will meet at the Billie Jean King Cup in Asheville.

Representing your country is a dream many athletes aspire to do.

“We feel like it’s always an honor to play for your country,” said Jessica Pegula, USA tennis player.

With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Ukrainian athletes said they are constantly filled with concern, thinking about their families.

“What I can do is play tournaments to earn money, to send this to my family to help them because nobody has a job right now in my family,” said Katarina Zavatska, Ukrainian tennis player.

During an interview on Tuesday, members of the Ukraine national team explained how they use the court as an escape.

“The court is the only place right now where we don’t think,” said Olga Savchuk, Ukraine tennis coach.

Yet, they also shared how reality sinks in when they step off the court.

“It is very tough. Every day is tough. There is no one there that we don’t think about. Every day I am going to my parents asking if they are alive,” said Zavatska.

On Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16, Team USA and Ukraine will band together.

“We are really a true family and we come together when things are tough,” said Kathy Rinaldi, team USA coach.

While athletes from the two countries gear up to compete against each other, they said they are focusing on a larger goal – uniting as one.

“We are opponents on the court but we are allies and friends off the court and we really do care about each other and we pull together when things get tough,” said Rinaldi.

The Ukrainian team said they are hoping the weekend will send some hope back home.

“Maybe our match, our tie, will give something to our people to get their mind off of. I mean, it’s probably impossible, but at least we can hope,” said Savchuk.

According to the US Tennis Association, 10 percent of the event’s ticket revenue will be donated to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by Global Giving.

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To learn about how you can donate to help people in Ukraine, click here.