CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A recent study found that 72 of 100 Android apps made for children violated the children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act.

The Online Privacy and Protection Act bans the gathering or sharing of children’s data including their name, phone number or location.

According to the study one game in particular, Angry Birds, violates this law by sharing a child’s Android advertising ID, alerting advertisers about their activity.

“Whatever children are browsing, whatever their interests are should not be anyone’s concern,” said Dr. Kanad Basu, Assistant Professor of UT Dallas.

Rovia, the owner of Angry Birds, says that the law does not apply since the game is not meant for children.

Now, researchers plan to release the tool they used to find the apps, called “Copptcha” for free for all Android users.

It looks for fingerprints in the phone’s hardware left behind after an app transmits any data.