MUST WATCH: Polar bears can’t get over new pickle toy

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A sandwich shop sent in the welcome committee for Alaska Zoo’s newest addition. But, their gift for the animals put the zoo in quite a pickle, literally.

Cranbeary is the zoo’s newest resident, a female polar bear who formerly lived at the Denver zoo. And to help her feel at home, a local restaurant got an idea.

Danielle Wynne, Polar Dip Co-Owner: “We had heard through the grapevine that Cranbeary’s favorite toy when she was at the Denver Zoo was a pickle and us being a sandwich shop we thought that would be a really fun opportunity to welcome her to the zoo.”

So, the Polar Dip raised money for six weeks and bought a five pound, 40 inch plastic pickle for about $250 and the gift was a hit. Cranbeary found it immediatly.

Jill Myer with the zoo said “We didn’t have a full understanding of just how much she enjoyed this pickle.”

But, the pickle was quickly taken away by the bigger male, Lyutyik, also known as Lou.

“We didn’t realize it was going to be so popular.” said Wynne with the Polar Dip, “They have been fighting over it.”

The biggest pickle now, says Myer, is that the zoo doesn’t have another pickle! “Hopefully we’ll get two pickles so there wont be so much competition.”

Already, an elementary school class has promised to help raise more money for more polar bear pickles. Until then, the bears will need to learn to share.

The zoo says they still need to inspect the pickle donation to make sure the toy is safe for the polar bears.

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