MYSTERY WIRE (CW39) A former Pentagon intelligence officer who was the focus on Sunday night’s 60 minutes report about UFOs says recently released UFO videos could represent a new game plan by whoever is flying the unknown craft.

Lue Elizondo ran the Department Of Defense’s UFO study for ten years. He spoke to Mystery Wire’s George Knapp.

After his appearance on the news program 60 Minutes, Lue Elizondo will likely never be able to return to the shadows where he spent most of his intelligence career. Elizondo went public in 2017 and ever since, has tried to alert the public and congress to the importance of the UFO mystery. In particular, the intrusions by unknown craft in and around U.S. military facilities and operations.

Elizondo says he can’t comment specifically about the UFO videos and photos recently made public. Including the unknown spheres that swarmed around the USS Omaha and other Navy ships, but told Mystery Wire these very obvious demonstrations of advanced technology could represent a new level of provocation.

“Why is it that we see a large frequency of these incidents occurring in and around controlled us airspace and particularly around military assets and equities? That for me is the biggest question because you’re right, from an adversarial perspective, certainly, that would be indicative of some sort of show of force.“

Lue Elizondo / Former AATIP Director

Elizondo thinks unknown craft shown in recently released videos are not necessarily hostile and might be just as curious about us as we are about them, adding we simply don’t know enough about their intentions.