New census data allows NC to receive another district seat

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CHARLOTTE— The 2020 census results were finally released, which confirms there will be a 14th congressional district in North Carolina. 

Sam Spencer, democratic campaign consultant, said there is speculation the new district will be in either Mecklenburg or Wake Counties. Spencer said this is just speculation because of the large population growth, but there won’t be confirmation until the redistricting maps are drawn by lawmakers.  

North Carolina has grown by over 10.5% since 2010, over one million people. 

“Obviously, it’s growing. You know, if we’re adding a new district, that’s another seat in Congress, which is great. As far as, like, how they decide where that gets put in, you know, as long as everyone’s kind of fairly represented. I think that’s probably the right way to do it,” a Charlotte resident said. 

The districts drawn from these census results are supposed to last until 2030, but the districts established in 2010 had to be redrawn twice. This was due to lawsuits alleging racial and partisan gerrymandering. 

The 14th district won’t just give North Carolina more representation in congress, it will also give the state a 16th member of the electoral college. 

“That is going to continue to make North Carolina more of a battleground state a place where presidential candidates come to compete. And I think we’re going to continue to see that the path to the White House runs through North Carolina, ” Spencer said. 

The 14th district will also affect the other current congressional districts throughout the state.

“And so we’re going to have, you know, populous districts are going to get smaller, they’re going to have to give up more precincts to be able to fit a 14th congressional district, we’re going to see low population, different districts get geographically bigger,” Spencer said. 

Spencer said the big question is how will the redistricting affect the balance between the political parties elected throughout the state?

“Is this going to lead to another round of redistricting, where we have lawsuit after lawsuit? Because the General Assembly draws unfair districts.”

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