WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — A Wake Forest orthodontist is offering a free Glock 19 or gun range membership to recipients of an Invisalign promotion this week.

The owner of Gladwell Orthodontics, Dr. Jason Gladwell, said the promotion was intended for the Youngsville Gun Club and Range customer mailing list.

“This was not a general blanket advertisement that we sent out to every orthodontic or potential orthodontic patient in the state,” Gladwell said. “It is a brand new business in Youngsville and we want to help try and make them as accessible as possible.”

The promotion offered Wednesday in Wake Forest and Thursday in Raleigh would require people who buy the Invisalign treatment to take a coupon into the Youngsville Gun Club and Range.

Owner Kurt Lieberman said every coupon holder has to go through the same legal requirements as anyone else buying a firearm.

“It’s not like you’re going in, you’re buying Invisalign and you’re walking out with a gun. It’s nothing like that.” Lieberman said. “They come in. They have to be 21 years old because it’s a pistol and then they have to pass a background check, which we do on-site.”

A CBS 17 News viewer sent their concern for the promotion in an email calling the promotion “insane.”

“It’s an effective marketing strategy,” another person said. “Even if you like, strongly disagree with or agree with it, you’re going to stop and think.”

Lieberman said safety is his top priority. He follows up with customers to offer free and paid safety courses. Lieberman wants everyone who gets a firearm to inform themselves about gun safety.   

“Our goal is to not only sell you a firearm, but also to help you understand and get you up to speed so that you are handling it safely, shooting it safely,” Lieberman said.

Another promotion turned heads in Florida last week as a roofing company promoted a free AR and turkey with the purchase of a new roof.