NO VOTE: Public records show Capitol rioters from NC didn’t vote in the election

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Brad Bennett of Randolph County stood in front of the Capitol recording a video right before he and hundreds of others stormed the building.

“Freedom baby. Tyranny ends today January 6th 2021,” Bennett said in a Facebook video.

That video was later used by the FBI to identify and charge him and 11 others, so far, from North Carolina.

In FBI charging documents, Bennett is described as a devote follower of the conspiracy theory QAnon.

Just days before the riots at the Capitol, Bennet posted on Facebook, “FAIR WARNING: If this election is stolen for Biden, Patriots will go TO WAR.”

But despite Bennett’s passion for the former President, it doesn’t appear he voted for him.

Fox 46 checked the voting records of all 12 people from North Carolina who are charged in the capitol attack.

Nearly half of them, 5, aren’t registered to vote in the state.

Another Trump devotee, Stephen Baker of Wake County, was recorded on a video posted to social media accusing democrats of rigging the election.

“Trump won,” Baker said.

But Baker, who according to the FBI live streamed videos while inside the capitol, also isn’t registered to vote in North Carolina.

“There’s a lot of assumptions about a corrupt process in a lot of these communities,” said Dr. Darren Linvill, a professor at Clemson University who studies disinformation and online conspiracy theories.

“And certainly that’s the case within the QAnon community that the system is corrupt. And if you believe the system is corrupt, then why bother voting?”

Some of the suspects, like former High Point Police Officer Laura Steele, are reliable Republican voters.

While others, like Grayson Sherill of Cherryville, registered for the first time in 2020.

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