Passengers feel safer about flying with more people vaccinated

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) – It’s a sense of relief for some passengers flying out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Jacqueline Angle survived COVID and is traveling to see her family in Philadelphia.

18% of the nation has been fully vaccinated and that number makes her feel safe.

“’I’m fine, it’s a year later,” Angle said. “I’m just not as afraid as we were a year ago.”

The CDC said the risks are lower for people like Kyle Fricks and Eric Baze who have both been fully vaccinated.

“I’m excited that I can actually travel now and feel safe and actually get back to somewhat normalcy,” Fricks said.

More than 2 million people have been through TSA lines at the airport since January, with an average of more than 19,000 daily local travelers flying out. That’s up from when the pandemic first started.

“I think there’s going to always be some level of wearing a mask that we are going to need to maintain,” Baze said.

Amanda Holesworth said before she decided to travel she asked her doctors for advice and “one was fine and the other was pretty apprehensive about us traveling,” Holesworth said.

Shawn Pitts is headed to Vegas for spring break and although the CDC is recommending people like him get the vaccine, he’s on the fence about it.

“I’m not interested in doing it myself,” Pitts said. “I’ve had several family members do it but I also had a family member pass two weeks after getting the shot so I have mixed emotions about the vaccine.”

The CDC is advising against all travel but they say if you do decide to venture out – and you haven’t received the vaccine, you should get tested for COVID one to three days before your trip and 1-3 days after it’s over. They also recommend you quarantine for seven days.

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