A Knoxville couple received quite the surprise while vacationing in Gatlinburg this week. 

Friday morning, they woke up and looked out the window around 11 a.m. to see a bear taking a few moments of rest and relaxation in the hot tub at their cabin!

“My boyfriend and I are staying at this cabin in Gatlinburg,” Elizabeth Strickland said. “I saw one walk around a corner of the porch, and I ran into the bedroom to look out the windows at the hot tub and there they were!”

The couple said they had a wonderful time watching the bears splash around. They let them have some fun and closed up the hot tub after the bears left. However, she said they even came back later to take another dip!

“We had the best time watching them!” Strickland said. “We have closed everything up now, but they have been back once to check it out again!!”

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