President Trump takes jabs at Biden, leaves supporters energized following Gastonia rally

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GASTONIA, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- President Donald Trump’s rally ran the gamut as he talked about Joe and Hunter Biden, China, guns and Gov. Roy Cooper at his rally in Gastonia on Wednesday.

Tens of thousands showed up despite calls from the state of North Carolina not to and the president had something to say about that, too.

“The pandemic is rounding the corner. They hate it when I say it,” Trump told his thousands of supporters.

There were a couple of people that were here to prep and pep the crowd up before the president’s arrival.  Among them, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest.

Once Trump was up, he touched on everything from his opponent, and his son, to his repeated claims about Joe Biden and the second amendment.

“The first thing Washington Democrats will do if Biden gets elected is pack the Supreme Court with radical left judges,” Trump said.

They were claims that while, not accurate, are still on the minds of people here and they like what they hear.

“The education that he wants to put into place and saving suburbia,” Lyn Houston said.

“Gaston County has a lot of people that need to be heard, and they aren’t always heard by the Washington establishment,” Philip McGinnis said.

All these people here in an environment that did not have a lot of social distancing. Temperature checks were performed on attendees and they were given masks, though they were given a choice on whether or not to wear them.

Many did not, but did say they felt safe.

“I didn’t have a problem with it,” Lee said.

The spotlight right now on North Carolina and that’s not lost on anyone right now. Polls show the race for the presidency here is neck and neck and this state could decide the election.

“It shows you that this is a top tier state.  The president needs North Carolina to get re-elected. We like where the numbers are at right now,” said Michael Whatley, chairman of the NC GOP.

Despite thousands packing into the rally, not everyone could get in. As the president’s motorcade left Gastonia, his thousands of supporters cheered, still on a high from the rally.

FOX 46 spoke with supporters outside of the event who agreed with most if not all of Trump’s talking points.

“I liked everything!” Brittany Knight told FOX 46.

Trump touched on how important North Carolina is in this election. Many political experts say if he doesn’t win the Tar Heel state, it’ll be tough for him to win the election.

“He has stuck to everything he said he was going to do,” another supporter told FOX 46.

“Nobody has been able to do what we’ve done in the last three and a half years,” Trump said.

He appealed to his base tonight-specifically suburban women.

“Showing he supports women and appreciates their support back. The big thing is he’s sexist and whatever and I think we all know it’s not true so he’s just driving that home,” said another.

There were other points he drove home as well, including the economy and his handling of COVID-19, which the attendees we spoke to weren’t concerned about.

“Hey, nobody said anything there’s other protesters burning down Portland, Detroit, Minnepolis, so,” Mike Roman said.

Trump also made a point to reference both North and South Carolina in his speech. Despite holding the rally here in the Tar Heel state, it was clear he was trying to hit both battleground states.


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