February 2, 2022 marks another Groundhog Day! The day where we look to professional groundhogs to forecast if we will have another 6 weeks of winter or early spring.

The original groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, predicted another six weeks of winter Wednesday morning.

However, there is more than just one groundhog we can look to for forecasting the next six weeks. StormTeam 2 tracked down the other groundhogs to compile a list of their predictions!

Here is your “Rodent Roundup”

6 More Weeks of Winter Predictions:

  • Punxsutawney Phil-

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

  • Balzac Billy-

Calgary, CA

  • Fred la marmotte- 

Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula

  • Shubenacadie Sam-

Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, Nova Scotia’s, CA

Early Spring Predictions:

  • Buckeye Chuck-

Marion, Ohio

  • General Beauregard Lee-

Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson, Georgia

  • Staten Island Chuck-

Staten Island, New York

  • Stormy Marmot-

Aurora, Colorado

  • Wiarton Willie-

Bruce County, Ontario, CA

  • Jimmy-

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

And our very own John’s Island Josh Marthers weighed in on the situation, and he claimed that we will continue to see a typical Lowcountry winter weather.

It all comes down to who you trust- a Meteorologist or a groundhog.