SC Governor wants mask mandates lifted in schools, restrictions lifted in counties and towns; here’s what officials had to say

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COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Governor Henry McMaster said he would like to see mask mandates at schools and remaining COVID-19 restrictions in counties and cities lifted.

He posted his thoughts on his Twitter page Wednesday.

The Governor said parents, not the school districts, should decide on whether or not their child wears a mask at school. He wrote on Twitter, ‘it’s time to unmask our children.”

McMaster said, “”I think it is the height of ridiculosity for a school district to make that decision for the parents. Even when the virus was rampant schools were the safest places of all.”

The Department of Education said since schools have followed health and public safety guidelines, all school districts in South Carolina can offer full face to face instruction safely.

Chief Communications Officer Ryan Brown said in a statement, “By following the mitigation strategies recommended by public health experts, South Carolina is one of only a handful of states in which every school is fully open to in-person learning. We would advise districts to continue to follow these guidelines and if the Governor feels that they are no longer needed, he has the power to issue an executive order directing districts to abandon them.”

Governor McMaster also suggested having all COVID-19 restrictions in place by counties and municipalities across South Carolina lifted immediately.

McMaster wrote in his tweet, “The whole point of getting the vaccine was to get back to normal.” Vaccines have been avaliable to everyone over the age of 16 for a few weeks now in South Carolina.

The Governor said, “People are pent up they want to do things. Except in some circumstances there is no reason to hold them back anymore.”

The South Carolina Association of Counties said there aren’t many restrictions left in place from county governments that they know of.

According to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, as of Thursday evening, 6 counties and 46 cities and towns have mask mandates.

Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel Joshua Rhodes said some of these counties may just be waiting for their current ordinances to expire. Their members really aren’t aggresively enforcing the.

Rhodes said, “Counties certainly have that ‘home rule’ authority to look out for their citizens. Where we are in the pandemic, I don’t see a lot of that going on.”

We reached out to the Municipal Association of South Carolina and have not heard back yet.

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