CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A close call in front of Bradford Preparatory School was all caught on camera Wednesday.

Dashcam video from a driver on Salome Church Road shows two cars that appeared to be racing nearly hitting a group of school kids crossing the street.

The driver of the dashcam video didn’t want to reveal his identity but said the two cars sped past him as he was slowing down for the crosswalk. When the reckless drivers noticed the children, they slammed on their brakes.

One of the drivers opened his car door as if to get out, but then quickly slammed it shut and sped off, veering to the right and nearly hitting the adult who was protecting the children from getting hit.

“As we were slowing down, I said to my wife, ‘are these guys going to stop? Do they realize there’s a crosswalk?’ said the driver who captured the incident. “We have two small children that walk to school – or walk to the bus stop – and all we could think about was, ‘oh my God, these kids are going to get hurt.’”

People who drive along Salome Church Road say they’re shocked, not just by the video but by the thought of someone driving recklessly on the road in general.

“This is a safe neighborhood. The kids come out and play. We’re ok with them walking around up and down the street. We have dogs, walk them and things like that. I’m actually shocked to hear it to be honest,” said Dionna Perry, who has relatives who live right next to the crosswalk.

The witness to the incident just wants accountability. He says the next time this happens, the group of children may not be so lucky.

“It could have been way worse. I don’t think these children realize how close they were to getting hurt,” he said.