MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Digital health apps are the latest trends among businesses, universities, and even airlines.

The digital apps act as ‘vaccine passports,’ essentially validating vaccinated users. And the demand is booming for one app in particular called iOpen.

The app creator for iOpen says the boost in users has come after hundreds of colleges and universities began requiring their students to return fully vaccinated in the fall.

“When you look at the schools, what’s so surprising about it is that these are the top 10 medical schools in the country that are mandating the students to get the vaccine to get them back on campus,” said Blair Wright, chief officer of communications.

Private businesses and universities can require vaccinations for their employees and students upon returning in person.

If you’re vaccinated, you get proof in the form of a CDC-issued card. Airlines don’t necessarily want another piece of traveler information to check, so they’re eyeing digitized versions that are easy to scan.

Digital apps like iOpen act as vaccine passports, validating the proof that the user has been vaccinated. Records are uploaded directly by the vaccination site, allowing users to ditch the 3×4 paper card and rely on the mobile app.

Several colleges requiring vaccines also don’t have the resources to keep up with thousands of student’s vaccine data. They are taking the same measure and turning to mobile apps.

“Now the record gets placed into your hards, so it’s not at the government level, it’s in your hands, so you have the choice to frankly apply it when you want to apply it,” Wright said.

News13 reached out to local colleges about vaccine requirements.

Coastal Carolina University has not decided whether or not they will make vaccinations a requirement for students to return in the fall. However, CCU administrators say they are recommending it.

Clemson announced they would require students to have vaccine proof to opt out of COVID-19 restrictions, like mask-wearing, weekly testing, and mandatory quarantine if exposed.

For a complete list of over 400 colleges mandating vaccines, click here.