Spring Cleaning & Pets: Unsuspected Dangers

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(KPRC) As you start to do deep spring cleaning, pet owners should be warned that this time of year more pets are rushed to emergency vets for ingesting household products or insecticides.

Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society says the most frequent cases of pet toxicity they see is when dogs or cats get into insecticides and rodent killers, because what attracts pests will attract all animals.

She warns you to be careful about where you leave products. Some may be directly in front of you and you may not even realize they’re poisonous.

“You know some of the most toxic things that we use are like stained guards and furniture cleaners and spot cleaners because they’re very concentrated to lift up those stains,” Schmidt says.

If you read the instructions, some say they should sit and dry for hours. During that time, she suggests locking pets away from the treatments.

According to Animal Poison Control, the most dangerous cleaning products include rust removers, toilet bowl, drain cleaners and calcium/lime removers.

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