(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A brand new recycling center will be opening soon in Charlotte.

Envision Charlotte is turning an old building from the 1940s into a place where regular people can go and recycle certain items, as well as experience recycling in brand new ways.

Their Instagram may be brand new, but the blueprints Amy Aussiker are holding are a bit older.

“These are blueprints, this is where the magic happens, this is where it all began when we started three years ago, planning this project,” said Aussiker.

The project is called ‘Innovation Barn.’ And innovation is the right word to describe it.

“This is what we love, we did all these windows so you can look and see what’s going on,” pointed out Aussiker.

The building is in the process of transforming into a recycling mecca, where people will be able to drop off certain items they want to recycle as well as watch and experience new forms of recycling, like composting and aquaponics.

“They’re going to leave here and go, ‘That’s really cool,’” said Aussiker. She said people will be able to grab a beer or a glass of wine, buy some food at local food trucks, and then walk around and learn about recycling.

Charlotte isn’t great at recycling, but things are starting to change, and you don’t have to look too far from the ‘Innovation Barn’ to see it.

“This is our focus point, we’re going to make this wall beautiful, and you cannot imagine how many people honk and go, ‘It’s beautiful,’” said Rosalia Torres-Weiner, with Red Calaca studio.

She’s painting a mural on an old brick wall just down the street. She said that’s why she does art in unexpected places. She said she’s passionate about bringing art to the public and transforming the old into something new and beautiful.

“My art truck, I repurposed that truck. And I turned that into an art truck to bring the arts to the streets in Charlotte,” said Torres-Weiner.

From art on old walls to transforming forgotten buildings, there’s one thing everywhere you look.

“Potential. I see huge projects coming through to make a big difference in Charlotte, in diverting things to the landfill, new ways to design products, new ways to reduce waste, I see potential,” said Aussiker.

They plan to open up the ‘Innovation Barn’ in early July.