Toxic algae may have killed three dogs in North Carolina

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WCBD) – Dog owners, listen up: have you heard about toxic algae?

Two women in North Carolina said their three dogs died hours after swimming in a Wilmington pond Thursday night.

They say one dog started acting strangely after returning home and the other two started seizing and showing signs of liver failure.

All three died just after midnight Friday.

The owners now want to warn other pet owners about the dangers of this toxic algae.

“People need to know about this,” said Melissa Martin, who owned the dogs. “Like I said, if we had any clue this was ever a thing, they would have never come. I had no idea. And once we got to the emergency vet last night, they also weren’t sure.”

According to Blue Cross for Pets, blue-green algae blooms can produce harmful toxins that stop a dog’s liver from functioning.

Dogs can be exposed by drinking it directly or by licking their fur.

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