ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – 19-year-old Trent Lehrkamp continues to heal from the physical injuries sustained after a brutal and disgusting attack on St. Simons Island last week.

Ten days after the teen was dropped off at a Brunswick hospital, his blood alcohol content of more than five times what is considered impaired.

Glynn County Police have yet to make an arrest.

Friday, local leaders held a State of the County luncheon, where county manager William Bill Fallon said county police served a search warrant at the island home where investigators believe the attacks happened.

Fallon, a former U.S. Marshal and Deputy Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center told the crowd that the electronic evidence being collected in the case takes time to both retrieve and examine, adding, “as a parent, I want to see justice.”

Glynn County Police have identified at least 11 teens, from two different social media posts, showing the attacks on Lehrkamp.

His sister reached out to WSAV’s Lead Investigative Reporter Brett Buffington on Friday afternoon to put a stop to a story being shared by an online publication.

Taryn Lehrkamp said Trent, “would be the first person to say how much our dad does for us and always have.” The 17-year-old said a post from the online publication, which claimed an unnamed source, said the home where Trent Lehrkamp lived had a lock on a pantry to stop him from eating, wasn’t true and was, “hurting our family even more than we already are.” She went on to say “this is just so awful and bad people are making it so much worse.”

Meanwhile, two county commissioners, quoted in the local newspaper, told the WSAV Investigative Unit what was printed was either taken out of context or wasn’t what they said.

A rally to support Justice For Trent is set for Saturday at Neptune Park, on St Simons Island. Social media posts online show at least two other rallies at the park and nearby pier on the same day, including a Trump Boat Parade.

The Justice For Trent rally is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

11 p.m. update from Glynn County: