Union County woman stalked for years demands legal change

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UNION COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- For the first time, a stalking victim chose to tell her story publically in hopes of sparking change.

24-year-old Maddy Muhlsteff says she wants to change laws that, she claims, have protected her stalker more than they’ve protected her.

“A lot of people said why don’t you just shoot him? Why don’t you just handle it?” Muhlsteff recalled to FOX 46.

For nearly 4 years, her life has been consumed with trying to shield herself from a convicted stalker who has repeatedly shown up to her home on religious holidays.

Her family’s security cameras once captured the man pacing on their front porch for three hours in the middle of the night.

“The best moments are not captured on camera or pictures or anything like that,” said Logan Ursini in the security footage from January 14, 2017.

It started in 2016 when Ursini showed up on their front porch Christmas Eve asking to talk to Muhlsteff.

“I think he was in some of my classes,” said Muhlsteff after saying she doesn’t know Ursini at all.

Christmas morning, Muhlsteff’s family woke up to a shrine on their front porch.

“It was Christmas morning, opening presents with my family, and we see something on the porch and go out and it’s this display,” Muhlsteff said.

On their porch was a bible, turned to the page of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, an alabaster jar, which Mary used to pour oil on jesus’ feet, Birkenstock sandals, and a bottle of wine.

Throughout the years, Muhlsteff says Ursini has tried repeatedly to contact her, even sending her a letter.

“It was talking about just me, and how he always knew that we were meant to be together,” Muhlsteff said, “and how he believes that he is Jesus.”

One part reads, “I have this memory of me walking into your house and looking at that mirror at myself […]”

“The note was extremely, extremely concerning,” Muhlsteff said.

He was charged with cyberstalking after he allegedly sent a series of messages to Muhlsteff’s boyfriend reading, in part, “Do you understand how irrelevant your existence is? You only get one life, get out while you can[…] believe me when I say I want to make an example out of you […] I have no mercy… this is the time you’re gonna look back at your life and realize it all went wrong […] At the very least you were made to make me look good […] Get. Out. While. You. Can.”

The family doesn’t understand the obsession. Maddy and Logan have never had a relationship of any kind.

Ursini has been in and out of court and jail for violating his restraining order and parole.

“At this point, he’s on an ankle monitor,” Muhlsteff said, “and if he breaks probation again, then he’ll go back to jail.”

In fact, within hours of our interview, Ursini was booked into jail for a new parole violation.

“Something happens to you and you want to feel safe for a little bit,” Muhlsteff said, “and I don’t ever seem to get that luxury of feeling safe because every time he’s arrested, he gets bailed out.”


Muhlsteff, who has never talked about the stalking on camera, is hoping by attaching her name and face to the story, she can spark change.

“These laws are in place and they’re protecting him and they’re not protecting me,” she said.

She wants lawmakers to look into longer restraining orders. As it sits, Muhlsteff has to renew hers every year.

“I have to go in every single year, sit in front of him and say that I’m still afraid of him,” she said. “He thrives on the fact that he gets to see me, and anything that he can do that will make him get to see me, he will do,” she continued, “So, sitting there. I’m ten feet from someone who terrifies me and he’s just smiling.”

She’s reached out to a few lawmakers, but tells FOX 46 she stopped getting a response.

“I don’t want to become another statistic,” she said. “I don’t want to be somebody that can only create change once the worst-case scenario happens.”

FOX 46 contacted a number of lawmakers, and right now, three have shown interest in hearing Muhlsteff’s story to see if they can help.


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