CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Jason Myers was not only a son, father, husband, and meteorologist, but he was also the tooth fairy. He was the tickle monster. He was the dessert of his family.

Deadly Helicopter Crash in Charlotte

On Saturday, the people closest to him listed more descriptions and told more stories to really show the kind of person Myers was.

As black hearses pulled into Carmel Baptist Church,friends, family and long time viewers prepared to send their loved one jason myers home.
Some traveled as far as Kentucky and Virginia to pay their respects. 

“Confusion, despair, anger, an overwhelming amount of grief, and to all of that God says come to me and I will give you rest.”

Its been nearly one week since Charlotte lost a beloved meterologist, but nothing compares to the lifetime of grieving Myers' immediate family will endure.

“Jason how can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy that we feel before God because of you. I love you Jason.”

His four children each prepared a statement praising their father for how great he was to them individually.

“He was a man I waved at in texas as he would come home from work, I would stand up in the window of our apartment, wait until he pulled up in the driveway, to run downstairs for him to scoop me up and hold me. Knowing my dad Jason instead of shedding tears, let’s celebrate his life, never taking another moment or person for granted. I love you dad and you will always be in my heart. He knew how important it was to not do life alone but rather be surrounded with people that you love. He played tirelessly with us on the trampoline with us.”

A letter written by his 13-year-old daughter was also read.

“All that talking while brushing must have been a good thing because he had the prettiest smile in our family. Maybe that was why he was such a good tooth fairy. He would leave notes from the tooth fairy folded in hearts, and squares, and other shapes. And when I would write notes to them asking them questions about their lives he would write back. And it was a long time before I realized that my dad was my fairy pen pal.”

His wife Jillian spoke of their life long relationship together and how they made sure to keep love in their marriage.

“He surprised me for our 15th wedding anniversary was to re-enact that Duke Gardens proposal with that same speech and our children as witnesses and presented me with a new ring.”

Hundreds of people came from out of state for Myers' viewing and funeral. 
After Saturday morning's service----the family held a private burial.